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Grande Camping wish you welcome to the shore of the Stryn Lake

Welcome to Grande Camping

We at Grande Camping look forward to wish you welcome
to our camping site, arranged for self service but with necessary assistance available from us, when needed.


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Here between the glacier, mountains and lake
you who seek peacefull, quiet and simple conditions find what you are looking for.
We are sited at the lakeside of Strynsvatn, at the entrance of Erdalen walley which lead you to Breheimen mountain area, a norwegian National Park.
This you find in the middle of the tourist friendly Stryn county and we are proud to be able to share this with nature loving tourists.

Grande Camping
Att: Karin Erdal Nesje
N-6799 Oppstryn

Phone +47 97169709

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E-mail: post@grandecamping.no
Homepage: http://www.grandecamping.no/